Our vintage cars – the ideal choice for your wedding

A vintage wedding car – with this choice one demonstrates style and a certain something is added to the special occasion. After all, a classic vintage car is an exquisite eye-catcher. Nowadays vintage cars are considered being sexy and trendy. While in past times it used to be good form to use wedding carriages, in modern days vintage cars are used for a journey full of love and warmth: They combine the romance of a horse-drawn carriage with the mobility required nowadays.

So the routes to the registry office or church and then to the celebration will be transformed into a scenic drive, which will be remembered by everybody involved. Also, beautiful and unique wedding photos can be taken with the vintage car.

Thus, don’t resort to obsolete and outdated stretch limousines. They have been seen all too often on the streets and, for this reason, they mostly only receive a tired glance – if any. Prove originality and style by using a vintage car for your wedding.

Car decoration - personal and individual

Of course the wedding car can’t be without decoration. Here we have a lot of experience with decorations of various kinds – from door ribbons and (silk) flower bouquets for the hood to letterings. But so that we can customize your personal and suitable decoration, we we take particular care to find out your wishes and ideas to in a consultation session. After all, the decoration should reflect your personal taste. Impersonal decoration ,off the shelf ' we only reluctantly want to offer our customers. Be creative with us and distinguish yourself from the crowd of wedding parties.

If you like, then we can also do the entire floral arrangements for you. We can hence not only decorate the wedding car, but also the church and / or the registry office as well as create the bridal bouquet. By doing this, we guarantee an uniform flower arrangement, which fits well together and meets your individual wishes.

How about a vintage car convoy?

Especially when several vintage Porsche cars are driving consecutively and thus forming a building a wedding convoy, the wedding party will stand out from the other road users. Also you can get the earned awareness and sympathy for your wedding on the big day. 

Be honest - when was the last time that you have seen four such vintage Porsche cars driving one behind the other on the road? Such a rare sight will be remembered. 

The perfect (surprise) gift - an oldtimer as a wedding car

Imagine the following scenario: The bride and groom are coming unaware out of the house and see - a decorated oldtimer as a wedding car.

The reaction from our previous customers has always been the same: Beaming faces of the couple, who can’t believe their own luck. We have repeatedly seen that this gift was especially well-received by the bridal couple and made them both overjoyed. With the surprise gift our customers - which include the parents of the bridal couple, the grandparents, the marriage witnesses, the friends and the colleagues - brought such a joy to the the bride and groom that will be unforgettable.

We would be happy to help you so that you will succeed in this surprise.



Your own personal chauffeur service

Our vintage Jaguar we offer you for your comfort with a specially trained chauffeur. You are also welcome to rent our vintage Porsche car with a friendly, well-presented chauffeur.

Our vintage Porsche packages: 

1. Special offer for weddings (applies for the days Monday - Thursday):

Duration: 48 hours

  • Porsche 911: 650.- € (including 200 km), every additional km: 1,19 €
  • Porsche 356: 700.- € (including 200 km), every additional km: 1,19 €


2. Daily rental package:

  • Porsche 911: 399.- € (including 200 km), every additional km: 1,19 €
  • Porsche 356: 449.- € (including 200 km), every additional km: 1,19 €


3. Weekend rental package:

  • Porsche 911: 750.- € (including 400 km), every additional km: 1,19 €
  • Porsche 356: 800.- € (including 400 km), every additional km: 1,19 €


In addition, we also offer chauffeur service: 

  • Chauffeur (at least 4 hours): per hour 50.- €


You are welcome to rent a vintage car from us. Simply contact us.

Our event planners will also gladly support you professionally and creatively in the entire wedding planning with innovative, tailor-made concepts, an individual implementation and highly personal service. Should you be interested you can simply contact us.



Picture with flower decoration courtesy of Rainer Sturm  / pixelio.de